Graduate and Professional Student Assembly, University of Pennsylvania


PennSHAPE Challenge is in its fourth round this Fall semester.

  1. PennnSHAPE will commence September 2nd, 2014 and conclude on December 12th, 2014.
    • Registration for PennSHAPE will be open until September 5th, and if you do not attend an assessment by that date, you cannot participate.
    • Initial assessments will occur September 2nd through September 5th.
    • Final assessments will occur December 8th through December 12th.
  2. Registration for PennSHAPE is open to all students currently enrolled either full- or part-time in a University of Pennsylvania (Penn) graduate or professional program.
    • PennSHAPE is open to the students regardless of membership in other PennRec facilities (e.g., Pottruck, Fox)
    • PennSHAPE is open to students regardless of their enrollment in the Penn Student Insurance Plan (PSIP).
    • PennSHAPE is open to students regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, or able-bodied status.
    • PennSHAPE is not open to undergraduates or submatriculants.
    • PennSHAPE is not open to Penn faculty or staff, post-doctoral fellows, unless such a person is also currently enrolled as a student pursuant to item (2).
  3. To become an eligible participant in PennSHAPE, a student must:
    • Register online via the PennSHAPE web platform.
    • After registration, attend both the initial and the final fitness assessments. Failure to do both will disqualify participants from the competition.


By participating in PennSHAPE, I agree to:

  • Allow GAPSA to have access to my fitness data as recorded by the PennSHAPE formula.
  • Allow GAPSA to publish my fitness data either as an individual, or as a member of a group for purposes related to PennSHAPE. All participants’ identities will remain anonymous except upon request.
  • Register in advance to attend any PennSHAPE workshops through PennSHAPE’s online platform.
  • Document my workshop attendance in person on day of workshop.
  • Acknowledge that neither GAPSA nor Penn are responsible for injuries/accident incurred during workshops/personal workouts.
  • Winners will submit a W-2 form for tax purposes.

Get Fit. Get Social.