Graduate and Professional Student Assembly, University of Pennsylvania

PennSHAPE Formula

PennSHAPE calculates participant scores according to the following rules:

  • 60% of your score is based on workshop attendance. You get points every time you attend a PennSHAPE or cosponsor workshop.
    • General registration (August 18th–September 1st)
    • Initial fitness assessment (September 2nd–September 5th)
    • Workshops co-sponsored by our partners (September 8th–November 21st)
    • Final fitness assessment (December 8th–December 12th)
  • 40% of the final score involves assessment of changes in physical indicators of health and fitness:
    • Muscular Endurance (maximum pushup test): total count
    • Lower Body Flexibility (sit and reach test): inches to the nearest ¼ inch

The PennSHAPE Score aims to assist you track your own fitness improvement. Your initial fitness measures are entered by the PennSHAPE team after initial assessment. You can then update your fitness measures under your user profile on your own. We encourage you to update the measurement fields on a weekly basis, so you can keep track of your progress. Final scores will be based only on PennSHAPE assessments, not self-reported data***.

***Note: because your final score in PennSHAPE will be validated at the final assessment, your final score may differ from the score you record on the website.

Where do you stand?

How do your fitness assessment results compare to others in your age and gender groups? Here's some normative data for the assessment parameters to help you determine your current fitness level and set realistic and healthy goals for the challenge.

Disclosure: PennRec healthy lifestyle education programs and services are intended to provide you with educational resources that will be helpful in order to manage your health. These programs, services, and information are not intended to provide quick fixes or rapid weight loss methods and results will vary significantly with each individual.

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